Khristian K

"The road to the underground."

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Melodieeees! :)

Hello Folks,
I dunno what happening, but in the last days I did some newbies, so there is no change. but in the music.. maybe the weather..

but… okay okay, shut up and dance, I know. 🙂



crazy break madness..


Ode To Joy




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New things..

Hello peeps,
After this looong weekend I got stuff to show You!

At first, there is a new tune:

Khristian K – House Of Clocks


Second, here is my latest mix session, dedicated for this bloody autumn:

Khristian K – Almost Winter Mix

Included tracks from: Syene, Lichen and Zuzmo, Blazej Malinowski, Dubtingthomas, Dactilar, Oliver Schories, Pablo Bolivar, Fortunato & Montresor, Lanny May, Amé, From Karaoke To Stardom, Toby Dreher, Minilogue aaand Khristian K
Well.. I got more, but for now it could be enough 😛