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"The road to the underground."

New mix for November!

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on the bloody 121 bpm a solid “deeper” mixsession with my favourites at the moment.

Should I say anything else?


Ohh yeah.. the tracklist:

1.    Archive – Day that you go – Rampue mix
2.    Tommy Young – Deep on my terrace / mandms
3.    definitelyBAD – Steelheart
4.    Jimpster feat. Simon Jinadu – These times / freerange
5.    Arjun Vagale – Disjointed sequence – Dan Noel remix / hummingbird
6.    M.I.C.R.O. – Schwarze nacht / soundcloud
7.    Khristian K – House of clocks
8.    Kjofol – Le jour aime la nuit / apparel
9.    Minilogue – Endlesness / mabc
10.    Mynow – Downpour – definitelyBAD’s rape mix / deep vibrations
11.    Kjofol – Sorry for the trees / apparel
12.    Khristian K – Transit ion
13.    Minilogue – Clouds and water / enemy
14.    Thomas Scholz – Fragile – Rapmue remix
15.    definitelyBAD – Halfsmile
16.    Kjofol – While others go and come / apparel
17.    Rampue – Somebody like you / soundcloud
18.    Pierre Deutschmann & Raphael Di – K3024 / micro.fon
19.    Address Unknown – Linear sequence of scares / mandms
20.    Humanate feat Six – This is super8 – Khristian K sundrop mix / itom


Author: mandmsmusic

MANDMS Music (used to be Minimal and Melodies Music) is an innovative music corporation with the purpose of creating new and colorful waves in the electronic music culture. The aim is to explore and collect really promising young talents to present them to the audience. The only filter system is the high quality music. We beleive that the quality and the fresh ideas will lead to the birth of the future big artists. The Road to the Underground! MANDMS Music MANDMS Remixes MANDMS Limited Moira Audio Recordings MMM Studio MANDMS Events KK Design

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