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Hello Peeps!

Let’s start the new year, with a new mix!

At this time I tried to mix up some tracks like before.. 😛

few names from the tracklist: UNKLE, Koze, Amé, definitelyBAD and so on


if you like the sound, then: 01.31. the whole Echoscope team will play @ URIMURI!

facebook event


And back to music..

definitelyBAD’s ( Dj Sylvie and Khristian K ) first release soon on the well-known Sleep Is Commercial sublabel: What Now Becomes!!!

Well, we can’t wait!




Ohh and before I forget to tell… The weather is shit! 🙂


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X-Mas, Top20, NYE, and a new release..

Well, December was busy, with such things like Christmas..

Its all started with a remix for Six ( he is a well known local VJ ) on Moti Brothers Itom Records..

its a bit more tight, then the sound of the label, but you know… 🙂

Ohh yeah, we had a pretty cool night at Urimuri – Budapest on 25th, together with the Echoscope guys! Was good, we’ll continue!

Aaand here is my personal Top20 of 2012!

20. Tiger Stripes – Glorified – Rodriguez Jr. remix / audiomatique
19. Patrick Chadronnet – Karma – epic mix / boxer
18. Alex Under – Bola 6.1 / soma
17. KiNK – Express / rushhour
16. Ala – Warring Idiots / mandms
15. Deadbeat – Acid Was Genes / exone
14. Dezur – The Light / mandms
13. Krisz Deak – Dubcircus / similar acoustic
12. Syene – Slowfrost / promo
11. rampue – Cold rice – Cold water remix
10. Ohmikron – Standard / mandms
9. Tennis – Make it good / life and death
8. Fink – Blueberry Pancakes – Khristian K dirty dub / promo
7. Jimpster feat. Simon Jinadu – These Times / freerange
6. Sensual Physics – Futurrology – Pablo Bolivar rethink / avantroots
5. definitelyBAD – Halfsmile / what now becomes
4. Dj Rum – The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn / 2nd drop
3. Lichen and Zuzmo – Stoned / mandms
2. kjofol – While Others go and come / apparel
1. Minilogue – In A Loving Place / mabc


yeah Minilogue.. What else? 🙂

ohh by the way Minilogue.. Soon in Budapest!! 😛


and finally.. I got released on Kaputt Musik!




So, after these things.. Thank You!

Happy New Year!