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X-Mas, Top20, NYE, and a new release..

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Well, December was busy, with such things like Christmas..

Its all started with a remix for Six ( he is a well known local VJ ) on Moti Brothers Itom Records..

its a bit more tight, then the sound of the label, but you know… 🙂

Ohh yeah, we had a pretty cool night at Urimuri – Budapest on 25th, together with the Echoscope guys! Was good, we’ll continue!

Aaand here is my personal Top20 of 2012!

20. Tiger Stripes – Glorified – Rodriguez Jr. remix / audiomatique
19. Patrick Chadronnet – Karma – epic mix / boxer
18. Alex Under – Bola 6.1 / soma
17. KiNK – Express / rushhour
16. Ala – Warring Idiots / mandms
15. Deadbeat – Acid Was Genes / exone
14. Dezur – The Light / mandms
13. Krisz Deak – Dubcircus / similar acoustic
12. Syene – Slowfrost / promo
11. rampue – Cold rice – Cold water remix
10. Ohmikron – Standard / mandms
9. Tennis – Make it good / life and death
8. Fink – Blueberry Pancakes – Khristian K dirty dub / promo
7. Jimpster feat. Simon Jinadu – These Times / freerange
6. Sensual Physics – Futurrology – Pablo Bolivar rethink / avantroots
5. definitelyBAD – Halfsmile / what now becomes
4. Dj Rum – The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn / 2nd drop
3. Lichen and Zuzmo – Stoned / mandms
2. kjofol – While Others go and come / apparel
1. Minilogue – In A Loving Place / mabc


yeah Minilogue.. What else? 🙂

ohh by the way Minilogue.. Soon in Budapest!! 😛


and finally.. I got released on Kaputt Musik!




So, after these things.. Thank You!

Happy New Year!

Author: mandmsmusic

MANDMS Music (used to be Minimal and Melodies Music) is an innovative music corporation with the purpose of creating new and colorful waves in the electronic music culture. The aim is to explore and collect really promising young talents to present them to the audience. The only filter system is the high quality music. We beleive that the quality and the fresh ideas will lead to the birth of the future big artists. The Road to the Underground! MANDMS Music MANDMS Remixes MANDMS Limited Moira Audio Recordings MMM Studio MANDMS Events KK Design

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