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The latest

The latest is the hottest!?!

Yeah, probably, but here is a nice interview with me, on about releases, gigs and such a things..


A tons of new releases will come on this summer, so here you can check out the latest tracks on my soundcloud:



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A lot of time…

Yeah its being a while..

But after everything…

There is some news on my stuff, from my “Four Kind” release on MANDMS Music. 

Right after that was an other one, but with only 1 KK track inside. Was a collaboration EP.

And then an other one on Mussen Project Records:

And then an other one on Perfect Session Records:


Meanwhile I got a request, to make a nice podcast for an American label, MOSHItaka, after names like Anton Kubikov, or Doyeq.. here it is:


blablabla.. It will be enough music till the next article.


Peace All!