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Half naked Bananas and things like that..


Good news first!

I just released a brand new EP on my own imprint (MANDMS Music) after 3 years, so…

So I think its a must have stuff! ūüôā


and you can love me here


Anyway, because my latest podcast almost 30 days old, I decided to make a new one, because looks like an other months passed by..

So here is my latest:


aaaand Every Sunday Night From 22:00 (CET) on Lounge Radio the “echoscope team” (Dj Sylvie, Khristian K and Seldon) under the name: Afterhours!


our guests in July: 

07.07. Fine cut bodies / Chi
07.14. Dynamic Illusion / Deep Dive
07.21. Polarize / H – All Inn – Move
07.28. Bernath/y





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Selected remixes

Yes, here is the next episode of my “being busy” series.




at this time on a remix album. On a pretty strong remix album, to be honest, so I’m excited about a lot!

MANDMS Remixes 006 – V.A. – Selected Remix Works Pt. 1

the concept is in the release title.. Remixes what you never heard, remixes what we lost and remixes what we found!

The incredible remixers are: Leghau, Khristian K, Fromwood, definitelyBAD, Grdnstrt and Zimaleto.

DefinitelyBAD remix for Mynow:

this tune have his own story… ūüôā

Khristian K remix for Audio Compress


release title: Selected Remix Works MANDMSR006

label: MANDMS Remixes

street date: June of 2013

KK’s beatport

DefinitelyBAD’s beatport

Ohh before I forgot, both of Us have a looks cool beatport page finally, with photo and biography on it!

follow MANDMS Music on beatport



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Again a month passed by, so I’m back with my latest news! A lot of thing happen nowadays around..

So let start with my latest promo mix.

If I have to describe with only one word, then that word defo will be: House!

And about tracks..

My release on Deep Vibrations Records is on the way, already getting support from the big guys.

snake preview:

Our veryfirst release with Dj Sylvie, under the alias: definitelyBAD, on the famous Sleep Is Commercial’s sublabel: What Now Becomes, got delayed and re-mastered, so We have to wait, but its sounds smooth now!

Of course there is a lot of news yet, but I have to keep them, till the next post…

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Hello Peeps!

Let’s start the new year, with a new mix!

At this time I tried to mix up some tracks like before.. ūüėõ

few names from the tracklist: UNKLE, Koze, Amé, definitelyBAD and so on


if you like the sound, then: 01.31. the whole Echoscope team will play @ URIMURI!

facebook event


And back to music..

definitelyBAD’s ( Dj Sylvie and Khristian K ) first release soon on the well-known Sleep Is Commercial sublabel: What Now Becomes!!!

Well, we can’t wait!




Ohh and before I forget to tell… The weather is shit! ūüôā


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New mix for November!

on the bloody 121 bpm a solid “deeper” mixsession with my favourites at the moment.

Should I say anything else?


Ohh yeah.. the tracklist:

1.    Archive РDay that you go РRampue mix
2.    Tommy Young РDeep on my terrace / mandms
3.    definitelyBAD РSteelheart
4.    Jimpster feat. Simon Jinadu РThese times / freerange
5.    Arjun Vagale РDisjointed sequence РDan Noel remix / hummingbird
6.    M.I.C.R.O. РSchwarze nacht / soundcloud
7.    Khristian K РHouse of clocks
8.    Kjofol РLe jour aime la nuit / apparel
9.    Minilogue РEndlesness / mabc
10.¬†¬† ¬†Mynow – Downpour – definitelyBAD’s rape mix / deep vibrations
11.    Kjofol РSorry for the trees / apparel
12.    Khristian K РTransit ion
13.    Minilogue РClouds and water / enemy
14.    Thomas Scholz РFragile РRapmue remix
15.    definitelyBAD РHalfsmile
16.    Kjofol РWhile others go and come / apparel
17.    Rampue РSomebody like you / soundcloud
18.    Pierre Deutschmann & Raphael Di РK3024 / micro.fon
19.    Address Unknown РLinear sequence of scares / mandms
20.    Humanate feat Six РThis is super8 РKhristian K sundrop mix / itom